The Bedford Lemere Warner Album

Each property and resident I have photographed, I’ve shown the 1903 Bedford Lemere album to, so I thought it worth sharing a photograph from it here as they have prompted many conversations and much interest. And the album has inspired the interior photography which will form part of this project.

This album was commissioned by the Warners to showcase their properties and to document the different types of property available in Woodford, Walthamstow and Leyton.

Rooms are meticulously presented, possibly staged. The interiors look quite opulent, packed with ornaments, patterns and different textures.

The photographs were taken by Bedford Lemere, the leading architectural photographers of the day. Part of our funding from London Borough of Waltham Forest means we will be able to have this album rephotographed and presented as part of the exhibition.

Seen here is an interior of a kitchen of a ‘cottage’ on Bemstead Road, Walthamstow showing the grand range which was a feature of all the kitchens. (KG)

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