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We have set up a Flickr group to allow the archive of photos about the Ex Warner Estate in Walthamstow and Leyton to grow, please visit and contribute any photos you would like to share. When uploading photos, please tag them with keywords such as, exwarner, warner, exwarnerproject, walthamstow, leyton, etc. We hope that these photos may form part of an important archive and be included in future exhibitions.

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  1. Dianne Levene

    I have two photos professionally taken by JW Mellish & Co.Ltd. E.17. of my nan’s (Olive and Arthur Hornsby) flat at 210 Fleeming Road about the 1950s, before the refurbishment. I lived with her quite a lot as a child. (I was born in 1943) One photo shows the back kitchen/dining room and the other is of the small bedroom, which was mine.
    I was particularly interested in the exhibition at Vestry House and looking at the layout of the Warner flats with scullery and small toilet. There was a half a bath in the scullery, although I seem to remember we also used a tin bath. I loved playing in my nan’s garden, and we had the left hand side and Mrs Tinsley upstairs with her boys had the right hand side.
    Everyone was house proud and my nan used to whiten the front step regularly. The whitening was kept in a cupboard under the sink and I loved the smell of that cupboard.
    My parents, sister and I also lived in a ground floor flat in Winns Avenue until I was 11. Before that we were in Leucha Road. While my dad was serving in the Royal Air Force during the war mum and me spent a lot of time at Nan’s place.
    I would love to meet up with other past residents of Warner flats.