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BBC Radio London interview

Thanks to Jo Good on BBC Radio London this afternoon for having Katherine Green on to talk about the upcoming WE exhibition at Vestry House Museum. During the show Jo got loads of calls and texts from Ex Warner residents sharing their memories! You can listen again online at the BBC website or via iPlayer. The Warner Estate item starts at 2 hours, 5 mins.

Markhouse Road photos

During our last memory session at Vestry House Museum, we met a former Warner resident whose mother, now 92, was born in a Warner property in 1924. We met Florrie Coster the following week to record her oral history. She had a fantastic collection of photographs of her family’s long association with the area including a Coronation Party in Wetherden Street and this beautiful photograph of her children in the 1950s.

Markhouse Road, courtesy of Florrie Coster

Message from a Warner Resident in USA

In 2014, we discovered a fantastic group of photographs on Flickr from a family in America. They had been wonderfully scanned and annotated, and one of the folders was the address of a Warner Flat in Leyton – 79 Seymour Road. We contacted the family via Flickr, but had no reply – the account had been dormant for a few years. As the 2014 project came to an end we did not pursue it. This year, having received the funding to continue the project, we set out to contact this family again. Having tried via Facebook we finally got a […]

Fireplaces, parlours and sculleries

This week I was lucky enough to meet Roger Dear, who used to be one of the area managers for the Warner Estate and who worked for them in different roles for over 40 years until they sold the remaining properties to Circle 33 in 2001. He told me about how the properties were maintained under the Warners and about how they were modernised at different stages. Interestingly for me, he told me about the changes that would have been made to my own flat. Although I knew that the kitchen and bathroom would have been in a different configuration […]