These transcripts are from interviews conducted by Lucy Harrison with participants of WE: The Ex Warner Project in Waltham Forest. Oral histories are available to listen to on this site also. Transcripts have been edited into grouped themes. If you would like copies of the individual participants transcripts, please contact us.

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  1. Ian Pemberton

    My parents thought they were doing well by renting a Warner flat in Morieux Road, but my earliest memories are of Harris Street, fortunately further from the gasworks, Temple Mills and such ripe German targets. We returned there after my mother had taken me to Cornwall to live in a minute one-up, one-down cottage built into a hill with no water or toilet. Dad was always on the lookout for safe havens for his little precious family. Returning to the street aged six, I recall a celebratory street party and belatedly starting at the Sybourn Street School I’d once seen on fire after an air-raid.

    I was a Warner flat resident with water, toilet but no bath for the next nine years. There were and are much worse places to live. Done up, modernised, they seem to be sought after again, as part, no doubt, of what some call the ‘gentrification’ of the area.