Monthly Archives: September 2016

Message from a Warner Resident in USA

In 2014, we discovered a fantastic group of photographs on Flickr from a family in America. They had been wonderfully scanned and annotated, and one of the folders was the address of a Warner Flat in Leyton – 79 Seymour Road. We contacted the family via Flickr, but had no reply – the account had been dormant for a few years. As the 2014 project came to an end we did not pursue it. This year, having received the funding to continue the project, we set out to contact this family again. Having tried via Facebook we finally got a […]

Walthamstow Historical Walk

Today the volunteers took part in an inspiring and informative walk around the Warner Estate led by Neil Houghton of the Walthamstow Historical Society.

Memory drop in session

Thanks so much to everyone that came to our memory drop in at Vestry House Museum. We had around 15 people attend, and some of those that did come brought yet more amazing photos including these from Peter Wilkes of Bemstead Road. Peter’s father Donald worked for the Warner Estate for over 50 years.

Drop in session at Vestry House Museum

Vestry House Archives

Today we were reminded of what a wonderful archive, Vestry House Museum is. The archivist Jo Parker took great care in laying out all the Warner related documents that they have in the archives, this includes newspaper cuttings, posters, photographs and pamphlets.