Message from a Warner Resident in USA

In 2014, we discovered a fantastic group of photographs on Flickr from a family in America. They had been wonderfully scanned and annotated, and one of the folders was the address of a Warner Flat in Leyton – 79 Seymour Road.

We contacted the family via Flickr, but had no reply – the account had been dormant for a few years. As the 2014 project came to an end we did not pursue it.

This year, having received the funding to continue the project, we set out to contact this family again. Having tried via Facebook we finally got a reply.

Not only was the family happy to share photographs, but they also agreed to share Hazel Lundbech’s memories via a wonderful Youtube video. Hazel is 92, and has an incredibly clear memory of Seymour Road, the families that lived there, the Hare & Hounds, and Lea Bridge Road.

We’re delighted to have been sent this and to be sharing it here, and huge thanks to the Lundbech family for sharing.

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