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Fireplaces, parlours and sculleries

This week I was lucky enough to meet Roger Dear, who used to be one of the area managers for the Warner Estate and who worked for them in different roles for over 40 years until they sold the remaining properties to Circle 33 in 2001. He told me about how the properties were maintained under the Warners and about how they were modernised at different stages. Interestingly for me, he told me about the changes that would have been made to my own flat. Although I knew that the kitchen and bathroom would have been in a different configuration […]

Family photographs

A big thank you to all of those who have lent us their family photographs from the Warner estate. We have received some really wonderful photos, including people outside their first home, or with their first car or TV; we have also received photographs dating back to the 1940s. Seen here is a photograph from a family in Warner Road, Walthamstow who have lived in Warner properties all their lives, in fact four generations of their family lived in Warner properties. Although this is unusual now, it was not necessarily unusual when the Warners owned the estate. Good tenants were […]