Front Doors

Warner doors came in a variety of styles but the standard was five-panelled with two large and two small textured glass panels (properties on the Town Planning Estate had nine or twelve panels and 1950s properties three plain sections). Despite differences in style all were painted in Warner ‘Brilliant Green’, with most picked out in cream. The paint was a special hard-wearing fade- resistant formula.

Door Furniture
Original door furniture consisted of a Kenrick cast iron letter-plate incorporating a pull bar and a separate knocker (usually model no. 405), both finished in black enamel paint (japanned). Later letter-boxes were plainer in style and combined both flap and knocker in one.

Tenants were required to keep front steps whitened using a whiting block (a fine-grained scrubbing stone, often a mix of pumice, sand or cement) and no other colour was permitted.

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