Warner Tea Party

Yesterday we had a tea party at Vestry House Museum for current and former Warner residents. It was incredibly busy!

The longest resident had lived in a Warner property for over 80 years, and the newest for only 8 months.

One woman had come all the way up from Petersfield and brought an article from the Waltham Forest Guardian, from 1964 – it was the story of Mr Norswothy, her uncle, who was on his way to pay the weekly rent money collected from tenants into the bank. He was accompanied by a driver and a bodyguard. On the way they were attacked by a gang of thieves driving a jaguar, Mr Norsworthy was hit over the head and the thieves stole the money and got away! Mr Norsworthy lived to tell the tale and recovered from the incident, the money was not recovered!

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  1. Georgina Lillington

    Thank you d so much for a wonderful afternoon and for showing so much interest in the story about my Grandad George Norsworthy, and the rent hold up. I also had the opportunity to meet Roger Dear who remembers my Grandad showing him the ropes on his first day of work at Warners, and Pat and Bryan Walls. Pat’s mother Joyce also worked with my Grandad. It was a wonderful chance to meet some lovely people from my Grandad’s past.