Long term Warner residents

I’m spending my days and evenings meeting people who live in Warner properties, recording them talking about their homes. Several of the people who have got in touch so far have lived in the same place for many years- in one case, a lady who lives in the same flat she was born in in 1933, having left home for only a few years before returning after her father died. It’s struck me that there are quite a few people in Walthamstow who have only ever lived in Warner properties, some of them having rented from the Warners and stayed ever since. Some have lived in a handful of places, but all Warner homes. They remember the way the doors were painted green and yellow once a year and the way they would go to the office in Hawarden Road to pay their rent, and have been eager to get in touch when they saw our flyers. It’s so different to the way we think about housing in London now, that it’s hard to believe this community of people still exist, in amongst the estate agents signs and badly maintained front gardens. LH

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